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Gift Certificate for BSP Training Canada
Give a certificate for $100, $150, $200, $250 or custom amount towards a Phase 1 or 2 training given by BSP Training Canada trainers.
Thursday, February 16th, 2023
by Zoom
7:30 - 9:30 David Grand: Brainspotting in Response to Catastrophic Events
The founder of Brainspotting talks about responding to catastrophic events: what, how and when Brainspotting Therapy can help.
Tuesday, March 21st, 2023
by Zoom
7:00 - 9:00 Dr Roby Abeles and Brooke Randolph: A Conversation about the Connection Between Adoption and Addictions.
What is the connection, or intersectionality, between adoption and addictions? Experts in both fields will have a discussion and invite participant input.
Wednesday, April 19th, 2023
by Zoom
7:30 - 9:30 pm EST - Wavespotting: A Resource Technique
Melanie Young, senior Brainspotting Trainer (Boulder, Colorado) and Emily Schottman, Functional Optometrist, will introduce and discuss Wavespotting, a powerful new resource model.
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